1.                  All rulings made by the Tournament Committee are final.  The Committee is always right!


2.                  STRICTLY ENFORCED!!  Obnoxious behavior will result in an immediate ejection.  This is a family event and is for fun!  We know things will get very competitive but please keep in mind that this is wiffleball and chill out!  (If behavior is questionable, refer to rule #1).  Also, do not harass the umpires.  Remember that your team will be umpiring as well (see rule #15) and you will not want your calls to be questioned.


3.                  The first round of the tournament will be round-robin format (pool play) on each field.  The teams with the best records on each field will advance to a single elimination bracket. 


4.                  Each team can field a maximum of 6 people at a time.  At least 2 must be female.  All team players can bat but you must alternate male & female throughout the batting order.  Females will bat duplicate times (alternating) when necessary.


5.         Only original team members can play for a team (captains will fill out roster at sign in).  No filling in, no alternates, subs, picking up players from other teams, etc.  If one of your players is ejected or leaves the tournament, you play without them.


6.                  Games will be four innings- three outs changes side.


7.         If score is tied at the end of four innings, an additional inning will be played until the tie is broken.  In extra innings, each team will begin the inning with a runner on second. 


8.                  All pitching must be underhand.  Balls and strikes will not be called.  Batters will bat until they strike out (swinging & missing) or hit the ball.


9.                  Any ball not hit beyond the 10 ft. foul arc is considered a foul ball.  One free foul ball with two strikes, second foul ball is an out.


10.              Pitchers hand is an out for the batter. 


11.              Absolutely no sliding or diving into a base!!  If the play is close, the runner must give up.  We don't want any injuries.  Anyone who slides/dives will be called out &/or ejected, depending upon severity.  Intentional collisions will result in expulsion.


12.              No lead offs or stealing.  Pinch runners will be allowed in some cases at the discretion of the umpire (for injured players or to allow females to bat).


13.              A ball that hits off of the home run fence and is caught will be considered an out. 


14.              A fly ball that is caught while touching the home run fence will be considered a ground rule double.  A fly ball that is caught by a fielder who runs through the fence or jumps on or over the fence to catch the ball will be considered a home run.  For your own safety, do not touch the fence.


15.              Any foul ball is considered out of play and unplayable.  Fielders should not try to field them.


16.       Team captains will be responsible for designating umpires from their team to help umpire games on their field when they are not playing.  A schedule for game assignments will be posted.