What is Wifflemania?

In Memory of Margaret Peters

From Tragedy to Triumph

It's hard to believe it's been eleven years since my mother's death.  Although some memories can fade in time, June 28, 1992, is a day still vivid in my memory.  June 27, 1992 was to be one of the happiest days of my life.  It was my wedding day, a day filled with hopes and dreams of starting a new future with my wife, Julie.  My mother looked absolutely beautiful at the wedding.  She even danced with me at the reception.  But the excitement and stress of the day took its toll.  She started to experience complications due to her cancer and the treatment.  At the end of the reception, she began to have respiratory problems and eventually stopped breathing.  After a six year battle with cancer involving the removal of both breasts and one lung, we lost her that night.


The haunting memories of that day have made me realize one thing - Enjoy every minute you can with the people you love, because you never know when it will come to an end.  Rather than dwell on the events of that evening, Julie and I, with the help of my family and others, have created something very special to remember Margaret Peters and others who have lost their lives to cancer.  We call this event WIFFLEMANIA, a wiffleball tournament held annually to help other families fight their battles with cancer.  Since it's inception, Wifflemania has raised over $35,000 for various cancer charities.  This year, we have formed the Margaret Peters Memorial Fund and plan to use the funds raised to assist local families who are being impacted by this horrible disease.


Although it takes many hours to organize such an event, my family feels it is worth every minute of their time.  My mother did not give up and neither will we!  Margaret Mead once said, "the momentum of a small, committed group can change the world."  The energy, enthusiasm, generosity and determination of the people associated with Wifflemania are constant reminders to all of us that this is indeed true.  Keep the faith, never give up and live for the moment.


Your friend,